• Forgive me

    Classic beautiful flower bouquet of 25 dark red roses + Raffaello

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  • Bouquet of roses Love

    Roses 25 pcs 60 cm long If you want to say how much you love this is the real bouquet of flowers. Compact and very tasteful, wrapped in moisture resistant paper.

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  • Fruit Selection

    Selection of fruits containing pineapple, bananas, kiwi, lime, lemon, grapes and nectarines.

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  • Rose Basket & Helium Balloon

    The amount of roses is 39 pcs, which are placed and presented in a basket. The floral composition is voluminous and beautiful. Complemented with a Loves helium balloon. Balloon size 90 cm.

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  • Flower Bottle

    Beautifully decorated flower bottle with beautiful flowers.

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      Bouquet of Gerberas

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      Fruit basket

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      Balloons heart 3pcs

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      Balloon bouquet 9 pcs

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      White Rose Bouquet

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    • Bouquet of bunches

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      Good luck

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    • Extra Love

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      Foil balloons – Hearts

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      Foil balloon – Happy Birthday

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    • Foil balloon – I Love You

    • Greeting card – Flower Bode

    • Confetti Serenade

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      Bright Rose Composition

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    • Chrysanthemum flower bouquet

    • Cake ROKO 700gr

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      Bear Teddy in a duet with Roses

      Price]:ru]Цена:167.50 159.90
    • Bear, helium balloons and Laima candy

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      Latex balloon – Set

      Price]:ru]Цена:23.00 20.90
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      Latex Balloons 29 Pcs

      Price]:ru]Цена:59.90 49.90
    • Lilies – White